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Price List For Tiny's Auto

Lube, Oil and Filter
The old fashioned way! We install a quality Purolator oil filter and up to 5 quarts of Premium 10W30 oil. We grease all the fittings applicable, check all the fluids and top off as necessary. (No we don't charge extra for Windshield Washer Solvent.) Yes, we still lube the door and hood hinges. We check and adjust air pressure in your tires. We inspect belts and hoses and all parts that require routine service. We also will keep track of all of your oil changes and send you a friendly reminder when your next service is due with coupons and our latest sales. Standard Oil $34.99.  Synthetic Oil $59.99

Service Work
Battery inspection - no charge
Brake inspection - no charge
Wiper blades - free installation
Belts and hoses checked - no charge
Transmission serviced - $109.95
Cooling system flush - $49.95 (plus anti-freeze)

Motorvac Transmission Service Total Fluid Change
This is the newest technology. Complete Flush of transmission, torque converter, cooler and transmission lines. With up to 16 qt's of Dexron III Transmission Fluid. We Have Motorvac Transmission Flush Machines. We replace all the fluid, not just a few quarts. Today's modern electronically controlled Transmissions are extremely expensive to repair. Check you owner's manual or give us a call if you don't know how often this service needs to be done. Only $109.95. This includes the cost of the fluid.

Tire Work
Tire repairs (plug) - $10.00
Tire repairs (patch) - $19.95
Tire rotatation - $14.95
Computer balance 4 tires (includes rotatation) - $59.95
Computer 4-wheel Front End Alignment - $89.95
Brake Work
Front brake job from $125.00 (With Lifetime Warranty Parts Plus Pads)
Rear brake job from $125.00 (With Lifetime Warranty Parts Plus Pads)

Exhaust Work
Replace exhaust from converter back - $150.00 (Most Cars)
Lifetime warranty on muffler

Air Conditioning Work
Air conditioning service - $59.95
A/C PERFORMANCE   - TESTING  - [Includes: Gauge check, leak test and ultra violet dye charge. Diagnose air conditioning system.] (plus Freon)

Alternator, Battery and Starter system test.
Charging or starter system diagnosis - $FREE

Motorvac Fuel System Service
Fuel system and injector cleaning $109.95

Conversion Vans
Small vans and cars

All prices quoted apply to most cars and light pickups / SUV's

All 4 struts replaced with Monroe Sensa Tracs for $550.00
Parts and labor included. (Most Cars)

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