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Martins Restaurant & Lounge

2000 S. Oceanshore Blvd., Flagler Beach, FL
Phone: 439-5830 Fax: 439-1672

    I had a very bad experience here that the management didn't want to do anything about. Let me explain. This incident happened about 3 years ago. Ya I know... I hold a grudge. Anytime they want to make good I'll redo their critique.
    I took My girlfriend to supper at Martins. The rave of the town. We sat down for dinner. After a very lengthy wait at the bar. I couldn't wait to try the famous prime rib that had me drooling from everybody hyping it up. She ordered the Queen cut prime rib with a baked potato. I ordered a King cut with a baked potato. It came with a house vegetable and a salad. Well our food arrived and much to our surprise her queen cut was larger than my king cut. I ask the waitress if they were mixed up and she assured me they were not. So I started eating my diet king cut. And all of a sudden my date turned green, and spit here mouthful of food back on the plate. She showed me why and ran upstairs to the bathrooms where she proceeded to return the rest of her meal. Well do I have everyone's attention yet? OK. Here is the rest of the story...
    She had eaten half of a green worm with her steak. She knew this because the other half of the worm was still under her steak. It was cut where she cut her steak. I called the waitress over and told her what happened. She snatch the worm away and went to the kitchen. When she returned about 5 minutes later, She ask if we would like a free desert for the trouble. I was shocked. I told her I wanted to speak with the manager. She replied that he was too busy. She offered to rap up my meal so we could take it home. I ask what she was going to do for us after I told her to feed the rest of the worms my meal. She told me the BEST she could do was take of the price of the steak from our bill. But she explained that she had to charge us for the vegetables. I explained she should call the police and the manager because I was walking out without paying. She went in back and when she came back she told us that the manager wanted us out or he would be calling the police. Well I spend about $200.00 per week at local restaurants and the one thing I have learned is word of mouth can make or break any establishment. I called back there the following day after one of the other waitresses came into my work and apologized for what happened. She said that the waitresses were responsible for every ticket and that I should call the manager and explain what happened. I called and the Lady that came on the phone and said she was manager. I explained what had happened and she told me that she didn't believe us and we weren't welcome back there anymore. I tried to convince her that I wasn't going to sue them or was I trying to get a free meal. I just wanted to have it righted.

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