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Shop Pix

They may take a while to load.
 (Unless you have joined the 21 century and have DSL or Cable.)

My legal size sign. (Thanks Ormond Beach)

Front View

Me in front

Danny (The Dude) Lasoski & Tony Stewart Racing's Sprint Car
in front of the shop at night.

Danny and Me 02/07/2003

I got the honor of meeting on of NASCAR's Greatest Legends, Dave Marcus!

I lost over 100 lbs because of the picture above this one. This is 02/2004.
Cant wait to see what I look like next year.

Johnny Sauter, Dave Marcis and me.

Ernie Ervin, Kenny Schraeder, me, Bill Elliott and Boris Said.
What a dream night at the races for me.

Ernie, Kenny, Me and Bill Elliott.

Darrell Waltrip And Me!

Danny the World of Outlaw Sprint Car Champion and Me!

What's wrong with this picture?

Tiny Driving

Brian Driving

The Junk Yard

My best bud from Kenowhere WI.

Three Amigos

Tiny & Darrell

Donny and Tony

Tiny SR & Cecil

OK Eli, Leave me alone now.

Moms Business

Lloyd and Ryan (Guess which one is my son)

Dad & Ryan

Me and Ryan

My Baby

The original "Willie Wagon"

My first set of wheels.

Sweater & Rik

Ralph Shaheen and Me. That's Tony Stewart's hand!

Tony Stewart and Randy Lajoy

Randy Lajoy and Me.

My first McBox

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