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Houligan's Irish Sports Pub

1110 W Granada Blvd.
Ormond Beach, FL 32174

We went to Houligan's on March 1st. It was Myself, Tony, Chris and Debbie. We sat at the large round table. Our waitress was a very bubbly happy young thing, who told us this was her first day back to work here. She went on to explain that she was in School and home on break. I told her, (kidding) to quit the smiley happy stuff it is way to catchy. Everyone laughed. She asked us if we cared for a drink before we ordered. Chris and I had Coors light and Debbie and Tony had soda. After about 5 minutes Chris and I ordered hot wings with extra sauce. (I like their wings but they really aren't that hot.) Debbie ordered a cheese burger and Tony ordered Wally Wings. This was at 8:00. I mention the time for a reason. We were drinking beers and playing NTN Trivia. I noticed at 8:45 we were still drinking beers and playing NTN, but were not eating yet. We call our waitress over and asked if maybe they couldn't catch enough chickens to fill our order. She said that the kitchen was running behind and she would see that we got our food ASAP. At 9:05 she brought out our food. Our wings were so cold that the grease was coagulated. Debbie's burger was cold also. Tony's wings came out piping hot. We told our waitress and she apologized for the food. She took them back and put in another order for us. It was another 30 minutes before we received our food again. This time it was hot and we ate almost without incident. The waitress asked if everything was all right and I asked for extra wing sauce and some more beers. (I had originally ordered extra sauce at 8:00.) She  brought us our beers and asked what kind of sauce we needed. Chris said we had enough Blue Cheese. (I guess he wasn't paying attention to my dry wings.) I said I needed wing sauce not Blue Cheese. She came back shortly with more Blue Cheese. I asked her to trade this in for some WING SAUCE. And please get the manager for us. The manager came over and asked if he could help us. We explained what happened with the long wait and the 1st order of food and he said "OK", and walked away. Well we finished eating and had another beer and asked for our check. It was now 10:15. The waitress brought it to us. It was $84. Chris took it up to the manager who was standing about 5 feet from us the whole time we were there. He explained what had happened again and the manager told him that we were rude to his staff ever since we got there and we should pay the bill and leave. I heard him and thought he was joking at first. Chris came back and sat down. He said he was going to Call Walter (The owner in the morning and let him know what happened.) I figured I would try and talk to the manager about it before Chris made it a class action case. He was still 5 feet away and told me that he doesn't appreciate us telling his waitress to be mean. He said he heard me yelling at her about being too happy when we sat down. He said we complained about the wings we first got and he knew then we were out to get a free meal. I told him he misunderstood what was said and that the waitress laughed with us when I said it. And that our first order of food was ice cold. A valid complaint right?  He told me that he heard Chris say he was going to call Walter and that he should think about it first because he worked for Walter, and Walter wasn't going to listen to a bunch of drunk tourists about this. I calmly (Anyone who knows me, knows that I lose it in situations like this.) explained that we were local residents and we had spent a lot of our local dollars here very frequently. He told me to pay the bill and have my drunk friends leave with me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I was furious. (I gave him my card and told him about my food critic page.) We all talked about this and We decided to pay the bill and never come back. (And pass the word to all our friends)  Chris left the waitress a tip against my protesting. (I think the manager should  have to tip her out of his over paid pockets and under trained mouth!)
  Well I know I only get a couple thousand hits a month and they all don't read every page. But if you are reading this and know the manager, Tim or Walter, pass this on to them and let them know how easy it could of been taken care of. Thanks everyone for letting me vent about this. By the way the wings there still taste great but aren't hot enough. See you at High Jackers or High Tides in Flagler Beach.

UPDATE 07/22/2002
       They have since rectified the problem "manager". I go there about once a week and all is well.
Thanks Spencer O for bringing it to their attention!

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