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Song Mongolian Grill
 386 / 253-1133

03/21/2003 & 03/21/2003
          I was told about this restaurant by Samer Zaza, one of my customers who works next door of the Song Mongolian at the Love Bar. He told me what to expect but, Wow!!!! This is a unique and exciting food experience.  I took my son Ryan and his friend Timmy Kenny. The Hostess that greeted us started our night out with a smile. She was very humorous and made us feel at ease in this new environment.  Michelle our waitress the first night escorted us to our seats and then gave us a tour of the food bar. It starts with a large round table that has all the bowls you will be using. The first stop for most people is their salad bar. It has a small leaf lettuce and 2 soups.  Next was the vegetable and spices bar, which has some exotic vegetables in it.  I couldn't pronounce them but they tasted OK for a meataterian.Then she introduced us to the meat bar. I was drooling. Fresh Raw Beef, Pork, Lamb, Dark Chicken, Light Chicken, Calamari, Shrimp and Fish. (All in separate bowls for you who have trouble visualizing) and a big table with the marinade sauces. I would have to guess about 15 different ones to choose from.  I started on the Atkin's Diet about a month ago, so I am still being careful about no carbohydrates. I asked Michelle about the  carbs in the marinades sauces and she happily summoned Chef Kenny. He showed me the 5 Different Sugar/Carb Free Sauces I had to choose from. I started with a bowl of beef and the Caribbean Jerk sauce. (No comments about that .....) I seasoned it with a little curry, salt, ground red pepper, cayenne pepper and some sesame seed. You then take this raw meat to the grill where one of the trained professionals grill it to your taste in front of you. You then go back to the table and eat up. I made 4 trips and each trip tried something different. The 2nd trip was Pork and a mixture of peppers red onions and jerk sauce. Then I tried some lamb. I don't really like the taste but wanted something different. I really got bold with the spices and used a red wine sauce with it. It was OK, but then I made a chicken dish that I just started throwing all the no carb veggies and a lot of seasoning together with the jerk sauce. MMMMMM Good. I was impressed. I got home and told my girl friend about it and she made me go back again on Saturday night. It was better Saturday. I tried some things I wasn't sure what they were the night before. I asked our waiter Gregor about different ideas and he graciously helped me out. They definitely have one of the best family fun buffets I have ever been to. I recommend that everyone in the Daytona Area try this place. You wont be disappointed.

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