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Frank Filskov
Taken From

Frank is Still Smiling
Written with love by: Val Larson

He was always fun to be around,
and his laugh, oh I can just hear the sound.
He cared about others, not only himself,
love for others he always felt.
Racing was a big part of his life,
until that one horrifying night.
But don't you fret or don't you frown,
Frank will always be around.
He's watching down from heaven above,
he's protected by all of God's precious love.
I know now that Frank can't race,
but now he's in a much better place.
He's watching over the IRA,
so in return we must pray.
Pray for him and his family,
that they will get over the misery.
The loss of Frank was dramatic I'll say,
but he'd of wanted us to live life to the fullest each day.
Now we must go on and live life for a while,
and when we meet him in heaven we will again see his smile.
But until that day when we meet him again,
in our hearts is where we'll keep this close friend.

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